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Camping Trip in Ascalona Camp at Delaware river July 8 - 10, 2011

  • 08 Jul 2011
  • 10 Jul 2011
  • Ascalona Camp, Delaware River (GPS: 41.501844,-74.981089)


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Bohemian Citizen's Benevolent Society of Astoria 

is inviting you to 

Camping Trip in Ascalona Camp at Delaware river
July 8 - 10, 2011 

Why? Because summer is finally here and we love to be outside having fun, to eat tasty food from grill/barbeque, to canoe down the Delaware river, to play volleyball and soccer, to drink beer and anything cold while enjoying all the moments at the beautiful Ascalona camp owned by Czech couple Jana and Vasek 

Where? Ascalona camp at Delaware river Google map NY-97 N, Minisink Ford, NY 12792 (3/4 Mile North of the Roebling Bridge) 
Directions: 25 Miles North of Port Jervis on Route 97 North When? 8.-10. July 2011 

Who? All BCBSA members and families of Czech and Slovak school students. If you want to invite a friend or two from CSR community, please make sure that they know this is a family event with lots of kids around. Also please you leave their names with Jan Seben so we know about everyone who is joining our group. Without it, anyone else would have to find their own camping spot. 

Price? Last year BCBSA has paid 50% of camping fee for BCBSA members only and expenses for camping supplies and food. We are likely to receive same benefit this year too after it is approved by BOD. 

- $15 for an adult (members $7.50) 
- $7.50 for child 6-12r. (members' children $3.75) 
- kids under 6 years free 

Activities? Having fun, grilling, barbequing, canoe/kayak/raft trip down the Delaware river, volleyball, soccer, cycling 

Services? Coffee, tea, portable toilets, one shower with nice view but some people will not use it at all 

Weather? We do not know yet but everyone is invited to bring their own gazeboos 

Want to register? 
BCBSA - Jan Seben 646-201-8826, 
Ascalona - p. Jana 845-557-6554 

More info?

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