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Happy to announce launch of BCBSA Members site.

18 Jan 2010 5:54 PM | Anonymous member
Let's start use in it and have fun with it. I hope this can help our overall communication!!


  • 31 Jan 2010 8:19 AM | Anthony Hradecky
    I have been a member for many years. I filled out the information requested to be able to log on to the site. This is not a new application. I mailed my 2010 dues almost 2 weeks ago. I send this note to clarify and hopefully to avoid a confusing situation. Thank you, Tony Hradecky
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    • 01 Feb 2010 5:40 AM | Anonymous member
      Yes we know you are a member. You are just new member/user on this site! I hope you will enjoy a new way communication between BCBSA members!
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  • 26 Mar 2010 5:17 AM | Eva Kotrhova
    The same thing happened to me. I am a member and my dues for 2010 has been paid already. I filled out the application. I hope I'll be able to login soon. Thanks!!
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  • 15 Apr 2010 5:37 PM | Lucie Slajsova -Yarkin
    Hi all,
    my name is Lucy and I went to special meeting on Wednesday . I am so glad I did go and my husband Mark had also the opportunity to be there with and meet some of you after the meeting little more closely. Thank you to Zuzana Pavlovski and Dallas and her husband we learned little bit more about the society.
    By the way I tried to log in today and it is telling me it does not recognize my email or password so I have to go to member registration and fill out the application which I do not understand I have to do since I paid for my membership fee this year already.
    The reason why I am writing I did lots of thinking today about last night meeting and about talking to some of you last night outside. My husband Mark and I go camping and do some hiking trips about twice a year. I use the website and I was always very happy I could reccomend some of those sides that are not more than 3 hours away.
    If anyone is interested please email me at and may be if we have good group of people I could book it . Ussually we pay between 15-30dollars a night depends which campground we go to.
    thank you
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  • 15 Apr 2010 5:42 PM | Lucie Slajsova -Yarkin
    Hello again,
    I also like to get touch with the director of the school or the main person ( I am sorry I do not remember your name yet)
    If you need any volunteers for the Children's international day and you need some one to bake or help out please let me know
    I can help out only on weekends
    Thank you
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