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Thank you

04 Oct 2010 11:12 AM | Deleted user

I’d like to thank everybody who worked hard at organizing very successful Marta Kubisova concert. Namely Treasurer Jana Samkova, who stepped in the final phases with an extra ordinary energy and dedication (Jano, the carpet and furniture looks really great, everybody loves it). Viktor, our maintenance manager,  made sure and worked really hard to make sure that all is done on time and provided most of the transportation with the help from Pavel Pavlovsky and Dr. Pavel Ort. Thank you guys; this is what I call volunteering. Speaking about volunteering, thanks to Milada Stastny, who again offered her help at the door and talked people to give donations to our schools. Thank you Bill Balasz for the same.

Last, but not the least, thank you James, our GM, who along with his staff (special thanks to Jana Zalohova, who paid a great amount of attention to the details about refreshments – and climbed a week’s worth gym workout on the Stepmaster on the steps) provided smooth change of set – up and made sure that all goes as planned.

And of course to all of you who attended the concert, it showed that we can and are able to do a lot more in Bohemian Hall that just provide a food and beer to our patrons.

Great feeling!


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